How much does the shipping cost?


If you buy from Europe:


We work with the private courier company DHL, shipping cost will vary according to weight and volume of the purchased products. Cost will also depend on the area of the country you are located. 


The client will always be notified before completing the purchasing process of the cost of the shipment. This cost will be shown detached so that the client can make an informed decision on whether to complete the order or not.  


If you buy from the rest of the world:

Rest of the world: For the moment we are not sending to the rest of the world as soon as we are capable we will let you know.


How long will it take to my order to arrive?


We manufacture every order on request. The larger the order the longer it takes to manufacture. In this way the shipping can vary between 10 to 14 working days. This delivery time can vary depending on the amount of work in the factory, if it is longer than 14 days the customer will be informed in case he wants to cancel the order.


What is the returning policy?


Since Yute4u is not dealing with final consumer/user, but with other companies and since the order is made on demand and exclusively for every client. We won’t admit changes or returns. We will only replace the products that have some kind of manufacturing defect.  


What should I do if I received a defective or incorrect product?


Please contact us by calling our telephone number 676.137.998 or sending us an email to the address with your number order, name of the purchaser and product which is defective.


In case you have some defective product we won’t refund the money, we will ship new products without any cost for our client.


Yute4u may request the customer to resend, the defective items, assuming Yute4u the shipping costs. Our services will verify the defective products and, if necessary, send them again.


Right of withdrawal


Since the customer of Yute4u is not a consumer/user, but is a professional and since the product sent to the customer is made to order, in a particular and exclusive way, Yute4u will only accept withdrawals when the customer desists in advance to the initiation of the works of production of the order.