Who are we?

Yute4you is a joint venture between an engineer and one of the best jute sole factories in the world. We are based in Spain and our aim is to supply professional jute soles to all the designers and artisans. We offer them a professional sole which will help them to develop the most beautiful shoes in the world.

We are always evolving to adapt ourselves to new technologies and to an ever changing market. Yute4u manages to deliver the best quality soles to your business and in a very tight delivery time.

Our Trade

Here you can learn how we transform the raw material into the best jute soles.

Everything starts when the jute arrives from Bangladesh, the first step is to coil the jute and then to braid it. After this process we have all kinds and sizes of braids that will be used to make the different soles.

The sole starts to get its shape when the braid is weaved. To do this we bend the braid over itself as many times as necessary depending on the kind of sole we need to produce. Once this is done we knit the sole to give stiffness and a clear shape, we call this sub-product “step-shape”.

This is the moment to paint the jute step-shape if needed, usually the natural color is the best .

Next step would be painting, this step is optional, the natural color of the jute is neutral, and it fits every design you can imagine. Natural color is always a good choice.

Finally we vulcanize the step-shape. In this process, we use a mould that is heated to 300°C and at the same time we apply pressure. The jute step-shape is mixed with rubber in the mould and in this way we obtain a jute sole. This process gives the sole durability, strength and its final shape and original design.